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I've been teaching voice and doing vocal coaching since 1980.  I started teaching in New York while I was performing there and started my practice again in Charlottesville in 1992.  I have a beautiful home studio in Fry's Spring with a great sound system and a Clavinova keyboard that really does sound like a real piano!

My technique is simple:  I believe strongly in learning good breath control, proper vocal placement and how to say the words in a way that makes the song come alive.  I spend time with each student determining their goals and strengths.  I work hard to help my students grow and understand their voices so that essentially they demystify singing.  I teach them it is a muscle that can be strengthened and focused.  I work on repertoire, audition technique and auditions for colleges and universities.  I make song selection suggestions and have a large library of music.

My training as a vocal instructor comes from three great voice teachers I had in Los Angeles and New York, from vocal work I did as a student at Northwestern University and UCLA, and from many years of performing and teaching.

One of the major strengths I feel I have as a vocal instructor is that I still perform.  I audition and do shows and as a result have to stay in strong vocal shape myself.  I am always learning and this not only helps my students but my hope is it inspires them as well.

I do initial evaluations for all prospective clients and that is a flat fee of $65.  After that, I work with the client to determine whether 30, 45 or 60 minutes once a week is the best way to proceed.  Lessons are paid for in 4-lesson sessions and I will discuss prices via email, over the phone or in person.

I have been a respected and sought after vocal instructor since 1980 and have seen many of my students become very successful in local theater and getting into schools that were their first choices as well as going on to do Broadway and regional theater work.  I have built a strong reputation in Charlottesville as the teacher who does musical theater, jazz and pop and my clients come to me mostly through word of mouth, for which I am immensely grateful.

Please read some of the testimonials several of my students have made on my behalf and feel free to contact me with any questions.

I look forward to singing with you!

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